Follow These Tips for Safe Disposal of Medical Waste

If you are running a healthcare facility, then it is very important to ensure that all the medical wastes are properly disposed of. This is not only for the safety of your medical staff, but also for patients and other visitors coming to your facility. This waste will be generated on a daily basis and therefore there must be an ongoing process of disposal at the end of the day. All your employees and staff must understand the seriousness and various safety issues of not properly disposing of medical wastes.

Here are few essential tips that provide a safe way for medical waste disposal.

  • Accountability

Department of Transportation has strict regulations about the authorization of moving any medical waste and hence you cannot assign the responsibility of medical waste disposal activity to any person who is not professionally qualified to manage this waste. In the event there is an issue, you want to make sure your office has full visibility and protection from incurring citations.

Therefore, professionals must develop proper methods of segregating and disposing of medical waste. Usually, medical wastes are packaged in a container which is leak-proof and must meet a certain standard. All containers should also be puncture resistant and follow FDA/OSHA standards for approved sharps containers.

  • Provide secure storage

All medical waste should not be allowed to sit freely in an office and therefore should be should be stored in a container which is appropriately labeled. Anything used for medical use must go to the designated container so that it may not get contaminated.

  • Provide separate storage for pharmaceutical items

Pharmaceutical items should not be mixed with other medical waste as these items require different kinds of treatments. Therefore, mixing these wastes with other general medical waste can create a hazard and hence special care must be given while handling such pharmaceutical waste.

  • Provide training to create awareness

Make sure that all your staff knows how to properly handle the hazards in your office and be sure to document and define the processes needed to safely execute this initiative. It is necessary that all your staff members are provided with training so that they are aware of safety hazards of such waste. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has provided guidelines regarding safe handling of medical wastes.

  • Review and annually identify all hazards in your office

Besides medical wastes there can be many other wastes like chemicals, waste papers or any other inflammable items. Such wastes must also have designated storage place and should not be mixed with medical wastes.

By just following the above steps you can make your medical facility a much more safe and hygienic place where patients may feel confident to bring their near and dear ones for treatment.