6 Ways You Can Stay Fit When You Don’t Have the Time

Most working adults know that working towards fitness and exercise will be the best way to ensure long-term health. However, knowing something and having the time and resolve to follow through are two separate concepts.

Between work commitments, home life, education, and your social life, health is often the main thing to be dropped from a busy schedule.

But it doesn’t have to be.

With the right planning, time management, and the right efficiencies, you can manage your health on the go—without sacrificing other essential needs in your life.

Here are six ways you can remain fit, even when you don’t think you have the time.

  1. Keeping An Agenda

If you don’t already use a schedule or agenda, tracking where each hour of your day goes can help you better visualize the hours in your day and identify downtime. That can be better used either in the gym or training at home.

One week before you want to begin working out or getting fit, jot down how you spent each hour of the day. At the end of the week, look back over your list and see where just an hour or two could be squeezed into the schedule.

The chances are high that there are more than a few places for health to make a comeback.

  1. Snack Management

Getting healthy is as much about nutrition as it is about activity. So don’t skip out on meal replacements and other nutritional snack items.

For those who work in office spaces, swap out chips for nuts and pastries for fruits and vegetables. Simple changes can cut out hundreds of empty calories each day and better prepare your body for the exercise to come.

  1. Find Partners

If you find exercise and fitness time will cut down on social time or family time, try converting a few people to split the difference and make fitness a social affair.

Working out with others provides an extra layer of accountability—and sometimes, another person to compete against with regards to getting fit and (literally) going the extra mile.

Work out partners can also help each other with nutritional needs as well—so consider going for a run to a local health and fitness shop in your area with a partner. You’ll be healthier, happier—and social.

  1. Pair Down Commitments

Have a long commute due to traffic? Need to travel across town twice a week to pick up medication?

Many Americans have inefficiencies in their work schedule—and squeezing out these redundancies might give you enough time to get that extra workout.

If your city is gridlocked and is difficult to traverse with a car, try walking or using a bike or bus to get around and cut down on your commute. By walking, you may squeeze in exercise without acknowledging it.

Likewise, driving through gridlock during rush hour to pick up prescriptions may not be as necessary as you think. Medly Pharmacy, for instance, offers free prescription delivery straight to your door at no cost to you.

Whatever inefficiencies lie in your weekly schedule, see what can be done to minimize and

outright eliminate them to buy yourself enough time for the gym.

  1. Cooking Right

Managing your food intake is essential for snacks, but dinnertime and lunchtime are two of the most important meals for caloric intake. If you are busy or between meetings, picking up a double cheeseburger is seems faster than making any meal for yourself.

If you plan correctly, you may be able to make enough healthy meals on Monday all the way to Sunday. Consider your dietary needs and desires and come up with a meal you can make in bulk—such as sandwiches or rice with meat. These can be loaded into Tupperware containers and taken to work for snacks and full meals alike.

Food prepared at home will be healthier for your body than takeout—so do everything in your power to cook at home and skip the drive-thru.  You may even want to search online to find out what ingredients you need to banish from your kitchen.

  1. Shaking Things Up

Finally, if we’re going to promote and strive for a healthy lifestyle throughout all aspects of our lives, we should get creative.

Have children? Consider skipping out on board game night and heading to the local park for some outside time.

Work in an office? Ditch the break room and go for short walks around the block.

Even those who stay at home or work from home can make cleaning fun, and fast-paced exercise provide ample creativity and music. However, you choose to get active and moving, it’s vital that you do it often and consistently.

Weight loss and muscle gain aren’t spurred on by one good day—but over weeks and months of determination. If you live a busy lifestyle, chances are this amount of time will fly by regardless. So why not make it fly by while keeping up with your health?


Ultimately, there will not be an easy way to work on your fitness—busy or lazy, old or young. No matter who you are, if you want to get healthy, you need to have the drive and the motivation to do so.

Developing those skills can be harder than it sounds. However, by keeping up with your schedule and seeing where exercise will fit into your current routine, you’ll be able to show yourself that you have the time and the capability to get healthy.

Successful people are often those who stick to habits, so wherever you begin your fitness journey, the key is never to stop. When life gets busy, exercise more efficiently—not less often.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to improve your health and fitness,even when you feel like you don’t have the time.

What is the one thing you’re going to do to stay fit and how do you manage your time wisely despite of busy schedule? Share your thoughts with us in the section below.