Teeth Yellowing: The Main Causes and How to Avoid It

Many are the times when people take health issues for granted. It is particularly true when it comes to teeth. A lot of people rarely realize when yellowing of their teeth starts happening. Even though the process might have started a number of years, it comes as a serious shock to wake up one day and note that the teeth are covered with a yellow layer. It becomes more embarrassing when you do not realize that the teeth are yellowish until another person points at the problem. What exactly is teeth yellowing? What causes yellow teeth? Can you prevent teeth yellowing?

The main causes of teeth yellowing

  1. Poor dental care

The outer layer of the teeth is made of enamel. With time, this enamel wears away and exposes the underlying layer called dentin. Dentin, unlike enamel, is slightly yellowish and makes the teeth to appear yellow. The erosion of the outer layer can happen due to age or accumulation of the food materials on the teeth over time. Food materials provide the ideal environment for bacteria growth and consequently erode the enamel. This gives the teeth a yellowish color.

To prevent this problem, you must observe good dental hygiene all the time. This involves brushing the teeth regularly (at least three times a day) and correctly. You should also take a lot of water.

  1. Smoking

While tobacco is known for its carcinogenic effect, it has also been demonstrated to be a leading cause of teeth yellowing. When you smoke, a lining of brown stain that penetrates into the enamel attaches to the surface. Once the layer has attached to the enamel, it is very difficult to remove it through brushing. The longer your history of smoking is, the deeper the yellowing.

You need to look for a great teeth whitening solution to address the problem. A great option is in-office teeth whitening session. You can also seek help from Thailand dentists during dental tourism in the country. The services are professional, fast, and affordable.

  1. Using staining foods and drinks

Drinks and foods such as coffee, soda, colored berries, and red wine have always been linked to yellow teeth. The yellowing happens because of the natural colors in these foods. Note that though yellow teeth can erode your confidence completely, the lovely allure can be restored through teeth whitening procedures. You should also avoid all causative factors to prevent re-yellowing after a whitening session.